Simple Promise™

NEW Flat-Belly
Butter Helps Ohio Mom
Lose 49 Pounds!

THIS is a stick of butter.

And while it might look quite ordinary...

There’s something extraordinary about it.

Because it is similar to something researchers from the University of Naples* * * * have discovered…

A special flat-belly butter that forces fat out of your body!1

  • Not because it has no calories...
  • Nor does it have anything to do with the Keto diet.

No, The fat-burning power of this special butter comes from something scientists have discovered INSIDE it.2

This discovery is So Big...

Scientists from Yale* * * * and Harvard* * * * are frantically researching it to learn about the massive impacts it could have on improving our health.3 4

But the good news is…

You can already start using this flat-belly butter with your favorite foods…

Like melted butter and pancakes
Butter on crispy toast
Or even butter on
freshly-baked biscuits.

So if you’ve been struggling to flush out the fat from your body and get rid of the stubborn rolls of blubber that cling to you like glue…

And if no amount of starvation or exercise has helped to keep that weight off…

Then You’ll Definitely Want to
Try this Slimming Butter Today.

Because by using it myself, I lost a whopping 49 pounds.

And today, I’m lighter than I’ve ever been in the last 20 years!

I now fit into a Size 6 dress, which I never believed would be possible.

And just last week…

I could fit into a pair of jeans I hadn’t been able to wear since high school!

My husband used it too, to lose 32 pounds.

And we lost all that weight...

  • WITHOUT giving up our favorite foods.
  • WITHOUT dieting and...
  • WITHOUT exhaustive exercise either.

Now, I Want to Show
You How You can Too.

So you can join the thousands of
men and women who are transforming their
bodies with this flat-belly butter secret.

I mean, just look at what it did for Jessica...

“I lost 15 pounds in 1 month...”

“After 2 years of trying to lose the extra 20 pounds I put on, I lost 15 within the first month—and this is literally the ONLY thing I did differently!”

- Jessica C. (California)

And then there is Christy...

“I lost 6 pounds in 4 weeks!”

“This works! I lost 5–6 pounds the first month, despite being virtually immobile from a compound ankle/leg fracture.

I did not experience any jitters or other side effects. I've struggled to lose weight in the past, but this was so effective.”

- Christy B. (Missouri)

And finally, Tom...

“55 pounds—GONE!”

“I have been taking this for 6 months. It’s helped tremendously! I’ve lost 55lbs using this, and regular exercise.

I can also tell the difference with digestion. I recommend it to anyone. Just got my new order today.”

- Tom T. (Florida)

Now, I Know This Sounds a Little Crazy.

How could butter help you lose weight?

Well, as I mentioned earlier…

This has nothing to do with Keto, low calories, reduced fat, or anything like that.

You see, this butter helps flatten your belly because it targets a very specific protein inside your body.

This might sound weird…

But even though it’s a protein, it’s found inside every single one of your fat cells.

And scientists have discovered that this protein is the MASTER controller of fat loss.

In fact…

When researchers from the
Vanderbilt University Medical Center* * * * DELETED this protein from the fat cells in an experiment5

The Subjects of that Experiment Biologically Could NOT Gain Weight Even on a High-Fat, High-Calorie Diet.

It was like the “fat-storage” process
had been deleted altogether.


This protein literally controls your weight.

And the flat-belly butter I mentioned earlier activates it...

Making liquid fat pour right out of all the problem areas.

Areas like your belly, hips, thighs, arms and neck.

And When that Happens…

You end up with the slim, sexy body you’ve
always wanted that gives you the confidence
to wear whatever you like.

Skinny jeans, slim-fit dresses and even crop tops...

They will look great on you!

And instead of being bogged down by brain fog and low energy, leaving you dependent on coffee...

You end up with clean, all-day energy.

Your marriage will also be reignited because your spouse won’t be able to keep their hands off you.

Best of All…

You can keep eating your favorite foods
without an ounce of guilt!

What’s more…

Scientists have proven that this flat-belly butter is safe6 and you can take it easily in the comfort of your home.

So stick with me and don’t put this off.

Because this could be the most important thing you’ll see all year.

And it could mean the difference between living in 2022 as the old, unhappy you who struggles with New Year diets and yo-yo weight gain...

And the NEW transformed you who’s taking 2022 by the reins, and loving your slimmer self.

But before I get too carried away…

Let me introduce myself.

I’m Cindy Foster* *

I’m from Yellow Springs, a quiet town in Ohio where I live with my husband Luke and daughter Emma.

As you can probably tell… I’m no Harvard or Yale scientist.

No, I work as a baker in my town.

Yet, thanks to a wild series of events…

I discovered a new kind of “flat-belly butter” that’s helped me lose 49 pounds and it worked, faster than I could have ever imagined.

It’s actually not so much the butter…

But what’s INSIDE it.

Now, I want to show you how YOU can use this fat-loss breakthrough too.

  • So, if you’ve been struggling with yo-yo weight gain...
  • Or if it feels like that stubborn fat is clinging to you like glue…
  • No matter what kind of diet or exercise program you go on…

You’re in the right place.

But before I can show you exactly how this flat-belly butter works…

I Need to Tell You Something Embarrassing About Me.

Because giving you these details is the only way you’ll truly understand how this fat-burning “butter” works.

My discovery of this butter started at one of those “parents-go-to-school” days.

The children, including my daughter, had prepared speeches for that day.

And we, the parents, were the audience.

But here’s the thing…

While everyone was getting seated, I noticed that the ONLY chairs available were those plastic “desk-chair” combinations.

The Ones that Look Like This:

Now, I’m not exactly a skinny girl.

So I immediately knew those chairs were going to be uncomfortable.

But I didn’t know how bad it would be.

As I tried to sit down…

I quickly realized the space between the seat and desk was too tight!

Still, I didn’t want to be the ONLY person asking for a special chair.


Well, you know... that would have made it obvious I was too big to fit into the regular ones.

So I took a deep breath, and somehow managed to squeeze myself in.

That was a Major Mistake.

As I basically held my breath to stay seated,
the children gave their speeches, one by one and
all the while, I squirmed uncomfortably.

Those seats were too small.

But finally, it was my daughter’s turn.

Her speech was about how she wanted to grow up to be a baker just like me.

She loved the cakes I made for her.

And after a few minutes — which felt like an eternity to me because I was still “sucking” my belly in…

Emma had finished her speech and it was time to give all the children a round of applause.

All the Parents in the Room
Stood Up… Except Me.

Well, I DID try to stand, but I was stuck
between the chair and the desk!

The tight space between the chair and desk stuck to my belly like glue and no amount of “sucking in” would let me out.

Needless to say, It wasn’t long before ALL eyes turned to me.

Let me tell you…

It was the most humiliating moment of my life.

One of the boys in the class even snickered and was immediately shushed by the teacher.

I felt like I was naked and exposed and my face turned beet red.

All the while, my ugly rolls of fat were stuck between the seat and the table.

My husband Luke tried to get me out.

But the more he helped, the more frustrated and stuck I got.

After what seemed like forever, I was finally freed.

As we drove home that day, I was so shell-shocked by everything that we didn’t speak.

Sadly For Me, the Worst Part Happened a Few Days Later.

Because that’s when I caught my daughter
crying alone in her bedroom.

Startled, I asked her what was wrong and she said that one of the boys in her class was making fun of her.

He bullied her, saying her mom was fat and that Emma would become fat, just like me.

On one hand, it made me FURIOUS.

But on the other… I also felt horrible.

As humiliating as that chair incident was, it was a truth I couldn’t avoid.

I was severely overweight which caused that humiliating moment.

And as a result…

My daughter was being made fun of.

I couldn’t find the words to console her,
so I blurted out:

“Don’t pay any attention to them, hun.
Boys say mean things sometimes and don’t be silly, you won’t become fat like mommy.”

Even as I barely got the words out…

I felt ashamed of my feeble attempt to console Emma.

Later that night...

I Broke Down and Told My Husband About Everything that had Happened.

Tears rolled down my cheeks as I realized exactly how much I hated being fat.

  • I was ashamed of the ugly rolls wrapped around my belly.
  • I never took photos because I didn’t like how I looked.
  • I rarely went shopping for clothes because I could never find a good fit for my body.

Luckily, Luke comforted me and after calming down... I realized I had to make a change.

I VOWED there and then to lose weight or die trying.

The next 2 weeks, I went on a hardcore diet. I starved myself every day. I exercised too.

And to my surprise… I lost 5 pounds in those 2 weeks!

But then, Like Always…
I Hit the Dreaded Plateau.

And like so many times before,
I couldn’t keep up the intensity.

Going to bed every night with my stomach rumbling and spending hours on the treadmill…

I simply couldn’t continue.

And the moment I dropped the intensity even a little...

My weight-loss progress ground to a halt.

Maybe you can relate?


I continued exercising and dieting — only a little less intensively — hoping to at least maintain my current weight loss.

Another 2 weeks went by and I weighed myself only to find that…

I actually GAINED 3 pounds!

I was Overcome with Defeat.

It was the most crushing and depressing feeling ever and I couldn’t help but feel hopeless too.

  • Were my genes and metabolism THAT bad?
  • And did it mean I’d be stuck with those rolls of fat forever?

Seeing me despair…

My husband suggested that it might be a biological thing.

It didn’t make sense, otherwise.

I was dieting AND exercising but it wasn’t working.

What more did I have to do?

In terms of motivation, I was running on fumes.

But Just as I was About to
Throw in the Towel...

That’s when my husband mentioned something that would lead us to the flat-belly butter breakthrough.

You see, Luke worked at a pharmacy.

And he said that one of his colleagues had quit a few months ago to work on some big project at a big research institute that focused
on well-being.

Maybe his colleague could help me.

I had nothing to lose… so I agreed.

A few days later, we headed over to the institute.

There, I Recognized My Husband’s Friend, Roy* * *, Who’d Come Out From a Lab to Greet Us at the Lobby.

Roy was a researcher.
We’d met for dinner a few times before.

As he led us to his office, he said:

“I’ve heard everything from Luke. And I think I can help. Let me show you what we’ve been working on.”

Now, I’m going to relay to you exactly what Roy had shown me that day.

Like me, you’ve probably tried more diets and exercise programs than you can count on your fingers and toes.

But the weight-loss industry has been PREYING on our ignorance.

They spend millions of dollars on marketing every single year…

Telling us that our “fat” can be “burned off”.

But that’s a straight-up LIE.

You see...

There’s a Reason Why Dieting
and Exercise Alone is NOT Sustainable for Folks Like Us.

Here’s the truth that I never knew...

Did you know your fat cells don’t “burn off” or “melt away” when you lose weight?

It turns out…

We’re all born with a fixed number of fat cells and we CAN’T “burn off” these fat cells.

The only time that the actual number of fat cells changes is throughout your teenage years.

But then, once you hit adulthood…

You’re stuck with the SAME number of fat cells for the rest of your life!

In fact, leading scientists from the
National Institutes of Health* * * * say, quote:

“The number of fat cells in your body is set
during adolescence and remains constant
through adulthood, regardless of whether you
gain or lose weight.”7 8

So Why Does this Matter?

Well, it means if you have MORE fat cells
than the average person, it makes it THAT
much harder for you to lose weight.

In addition to this, if you have MORE fat cells…

It also means it’s THAT much easier to GAIN weight.

Roy said to think of these fat cells like balloons.

They can inflate or deflate depending on the fat being stored there.

But the person with MORE balloons is going to get larger, much faster!

Use this as a visual:

When you have MORE fat cells, like the image on the left…

It’s going to be much easier for your body to store fat because you’ve got more places for fat storage.

So if you’ve ever felt like you gain weight much more easily than everyone else…

And it seems nearly impossible to lose weight after the first 5 pounds or so…

Then there’s a good chance you’re like the image on the left, with more “balloons” than others.

In other words, it’s like having bunches of little “fat-cell balloons” under your skin.

Around your belly, thighs, arms, neck and so on.

The more “balloons” you have…

The more areas your body has to store fat.

Making it that Much
Easier to Gain Weight.

Not to mention, it’s harder for you to lose fat too,
since you just have MORE “storage balloons” for fat
than others.

Sadly, there’s no natural method to reduce the NUMBER of fat cells.

The scientists from the Karolinska Institute* * * * in Sweden have confirmed this.

At this point...

Roy pulled out a study from the prestigious scientific journal, Nature* * * *9.

In that study, the researchers examined the fat cells of non-obese adults who had gained a lot of weight

And discovered that these adults had NO change in the number of fat cells they had, DESPITE gaining weight.

They also measured the same adults when they’d lost weight…

But again, the fat cell numbers never changed.

The Only Thing that had Changed
was the SIZE of Their Fat Cells.

A different group of subjects who had lost weight after stomach-stapling surgery also had the SAME number of fat cells, two years later.10

Researchers believe this is the reason for the “yo-yo” effect.

In fact...

Dr. Bruce Buchholz* * * * from the Lawrence
Livermore National Laboratory* * * * in
California confirms this by saying:

“If you are overweight and you lose weight, you still have the capacity to store [fat] because you still have the same number of fat cells.”11

Now, that might sound bleak, especially if you struggle with yo-yo weight gain.

Because it means you have MORE fat cells than most others.

That was certainly the case for me.

But I’m going to tell you what Roy told me back then...

“I know that having a fixed number of fat cells isn’t good news especially if you have more than the average person.

But don’t lose hope — because we’ve
made some massive leaps with what we can
do about those fat cells.”

Then he showed me a landmark study that changed everything.

You see, researchers have discovered, a master regulator that controls the SIZE of your fat cells.

This is huge because it means…

Even if you can’t control the NUMBER of fat cells you have…

You can still control how MUCH those fat cells shrink or expand.

It’s Called “PPAR gamma”.

It’s a special protein that lives inside each one of your fat cells12 and it acts like a switch that controls how big or small your fat-cell “balloons” can get.

In fact, scientists go so far as to call it the “master regulator” of your fat cells. 13

Case in point:

When medical researchers genetically DELETED the PPAR gamma protein in some mice…

Those Mice Biologically Could NOT Gain Weight, Even on a High-Fat,
High-Calorie Diet!14

Let me say
that again:

PPAR gamma is so important to our fat cells.

When you DELETE this protein, it’s physically IMPOSSIBLE to gain weight

No matter how much you eat.

Now, this was in mice…

What about humans?

Well, Roy explained, we can’t exactly “delete” PPAR gamma from humans…

But What Scientists
have Discovered is…

Obese adults clearly have higher levels
of PPAR gamma.15

And if you’re obese…

  • It not only makes you gain weight more easily16...
  • It also makes you hungry all the time.
  • You see, it can also send hunger signals to your brain.

Because when PPAR gamma is switched to
fat-storage mode…

It WANTS you to eat more so it has more fat and calories to store which is REALLY bad for us. 17

We can See a Pattern Here:

When PPAR gamma is switched to fat-storage mode, your “fat-cell balloons” start expanding!

Which also means your belly and rolls of fat start blowing up too.

On the other hand…

If PPAR gamma is flipped to fat-melting mode, this shrinks the fat cells in your body by flushing out the fat. 1819

And if you delete PPAR gamma…

It’s biologically IMPOSSIBLE to store fat!

Remember, when scientists deleted PPAR gamma out of mice…

They couldn’t gain weight at all — even on a high-fat diet!20

That’s why scientists call PPAR gamma the master regulator of fat cells.

  • And if you’ve ever felt like you gain weight much faster than other folks…
  • Or if LOSING more than 10 pounds (and keeping it off) feels physically impossible, even when you’re dieting and exercising…

There’s a very good chance that your body’s PPAR gamma is the culprit.

So What Can We Do About This?

Well, while we can’t “delete” PPAR gamma, new research shows we CAN flip it to the fat-melting mode.

And what’s ironic is…

It turns out there’s a special kind of fat found inside BUTTER that can make all the difference.

It’s called “butyrate”.

And it’s a special kind of fat known as a
“short-chain fatty acid”.

So how’s this linked to butter?

Well, butter happens to be the most common source of butyrate!

It’s no wonder that the word “butyrate” actually comes from the Latin word “butyrum”, which means butter.

But don’t go slathering butter on your toast just yet21

Because that won’t work.

You see, butyrate is found in foods…

But it’s also created naturally inside your body.

And the butyrate INSIDE your body is the ONLY thing you should focus on and NOT food sources.

I’ll explain why in a moment…

But First, Let Me Relay What
Roy Told Me About Butyrate.

You see, butyrate has been an extremely hot topic among the top researchers in the world…

Because it’s been shown to be super effective for weight loss!

In fact...

A study published in the American Diabetes Association journal, Diabetes* * * *showed that...

“Short-chain fatty acids like butyrate
switched PPAR gamma from fat-storage mode
to fat-melting mode!”22

The researchers discovered this by feeding mice a high-fat diet.

They split the mice into groups...

The line above is the control, which means this group did NOT get butyrate or any other short-chain fatty acid23.

While the line BELOW represents the group that DID get butyrate.

As you can see…

The group that DIDN’T get butyrate continued to gain weight, while being fed a high-fat diet.

While the Group that GOT Butyrate…

Kept their weight mostly the same,
despite being fed a high-fat diet!


This is all thanks to butyrate flipping PPAR gamma from fat-storage to fat-melting mode.

Seeing these results...

The researchers concluded that butyrate could help, quote:

“Reverse High-Fat-Diet-induced obesity.”24 25

But that’s not all.

Another study conducted by scientists from the University of Naples* * * * in Italy…

Showed that butyrate helped obese mice lose 10% of their body fat in just 5 weeks!26

In short, when you get more butyrate…

It flips PPAR gamma toward fat-melting mode, rather than fat-storage.

But What Happens If You
DON’T Have Enough Butyrate?

Well, a group of researchers from the University of California* * * * found that when your butyrate levels drop 27 28

It’s far more likely your PPAR gamma will switch from fat-melting to fat-storage mode.29

In other words…

You want to INCREASE the butyrate levels in your body, as much as possible.

Because butyrate flips the PPAR gamma switch toward fat-melting mode which then shrinks your fat cells.

Going Back to Our Balloon Analogy…

Butyrate causes those fat-cell balloons to open up allowing liquid fat to pour out and be used for energy.

This results in a slimmer waist, a flatter belly, and clean, all-day energy.

But when you DON’T have enough butyrate…

Well, PPAR gamma lets more fat pour into the balloons making the fat-cell balloons grow.

And you end up with jeans that feel tighter and tighter every year.

To summarize, Roy broke it down to just two simple sentences:

  • More butyrate means your fat cells SHRINK.
  • Less butyrate means your fat cells EXPAND.

So you just need to eat more butyrate, right?

Well, here’s the catch…

Remember How I Mentioned
that You DO NOT Want to Eat
Butter to Get Butyrate?

Well, there’s a good reason for that.

Dr. Russell Jaffe* * * *, widely recognized as one of the top physicians in America, explains it best30:

“You see, when you EAT butyrate, it gets
“destroyed” during digestion.

And as you can guess… that’s no good.

Because in order for butyrate to do its fat-burning job, butyrate has to BYPASS digestion and actually get to your COLON.31

Because your COLON is where butyrate can activate PPAR gamma to enter the
fat-melting mode!

This is why when you take butyrate through a supplement or from your food…

It just gets digested, and doesn’t work!

So what can be done about this?

Well, it Turns Out,
Researchers have Found a Way.

They’ve discovered a special fiber that can increase Butyrate production, BYPASS digestion and get STRAIGHT to your colon where Butyrate can do its job.

And THAT’S why Roy had left his job at the pharmacy: He wanted to pursue this project.

You see, the manufacturer he was researching for is called Simple Promise™.

And searching for something like THIS was their exact mission.

Roy explained excitedly:

“Remember how I said butyrate needs to be produced in your colon?

Well, we’ve discovered a special kind of fiber that not only increases butyrate levels, it also bypasses digestion and gets straight to the colon, exactly where we need it to be!”

You see, Roy and other researchers had experimented with a ton of different compounds…

So they could see which of them would increase butyrate production.

And After Spending a Small
Fortune on Experimentation…

They finally found one that fit the bill!

That fiber is called EpiCor®

EpiCor® is special because it bypasses the digestion problem I mentioned earlier.

Instead, it goes straight to the colon…

Where it can increase butyrate levels and flip PPAR gamma toward the fat-melting mode!

The researchers were able to directly measure butyrate levels, and saw groundbreaking results:

Butyrate production skyrocketed through the roof!

In fact, these researchers concluded that, quote:

“EpiCor® has been shown to significantly increase butyrate production...”32

This was a MASSIVE revelation.

But it gets even better...

Because EpiCor® Does More than Just Increase Butyrate Levels.

Studies now show that EpiCor® also supports your gut health, so there’s less bloating and indigestion…

Plus, it even improves your body’s overall metabolism.

And as you know, better metabolism is always welcome, when it comes to weight loss!

What’s more, scientists have found it also improves your immune system.

Which we know is more important than ever today.33 34

But most important of all...

It increases the butyrate produced in your colon!

Remember, this is key.

It’s not enough to just consume butyrate, and get it directly from food sources or supplements.

Butyrate needs to bypass digestion and get to the colon, if you want to reap its weight-loss benefits.

And EpiCor® does exactly that.

After Roy explained all this to me…

Things Finally Began to Click.

The reason it was so hard for me to lose weight was because my PPAR gamma was set to fat-storage mode, instead of fat-melting.

And because I had more fat cells than most people…

Well, it meant losing weight was that much harder too — since my body had more places to store fat.

But PPAR gamma could change all of that, if I could just get it flipped toward the fat-melting mode.

So no matter how many fat cells I had…

All that nasty liquid fat would get flushed out, giving me the flat belly I was craving!

And EpiCor® was the key.

At that point, Roy looked at me earnestly and said:

“As amazing as EpiCor® looks on paper, we’re still in the alpha-testing stages. It’s been proven safe to use35, but we don’t know how EFFECTIVE it will be for human subjects.

So let me ask you…

Cindy, do you want to be one of the first people
to try EpiCor®?”

After Seeing All the Proof,
I Knew I had Nothing to Lose.

I agreed immediately.

Roy beamed at my response.

He then took out several bottles from a cabinet and gave them to me.

He explained that the capsules inside those bottles contained EpiCor® and I had to take it daily without missing a single day.

Otherwise, it might not work.

After thanking and parting ways with Roy…

I started the EpiCor® routine as soon as I got home.

I didn’t notice any difference during the first few days...

Other than having a little bit more energy, which was disappointing.

It made me feel a bit skeptical about it all... but I kept at it.

And as the days went by, I couldn’t wait any longer.

I had to see if I’d lost weight.

So after a little over a week… I stepped on my bathroom scales nervously.

Seeing the Numbers Whizz
Up and Up… I Gasped When
I Saw the Final Figure:

The scales showed I was 4 pounds down!

I’d never experienced weight loss like that before.

  • I wasn’t dieting or exercising.
  • No, I was eating my favorite foods as usual.

How could I have lost weight?

But when I re-weighed myself, the scales didn’t lie.

I was 4 pounds down!

But it didn’t end there.

After that point, the weight kept sliding right off, week after week.

And it was so easy.

Because I wasn’t dieting or exercising...

All I was doing was taking EpiCor® once a day!

And it was making my colon produce more butyrate which then flipped my PPAR gamma toward fat-melting mode!

And Over the Months, I Lost Pound After Pound Which All Added Up to a Whopping 49 Pounds Gone!

I nearly cried tears of joy because I felt skinny for the first time in a LONG time!

But something even better happened:

There was a school field day during which the parents got involved in the sports too.

And because I was now slimmer, and FAR fitter…

I could participate in the parent-child relay race, and even win it with my daughter!

When I saw Emma’s beaming face after we’d won… I almost broke down in tears.

The Embarrassment, Trials and Tribulations… It was All Worth it.

After the race, one of the parents came up to me and complimented me on my amazing transformation.

She introduced herself as Sarah* *.

She was shocked at first...

Because just a few months ago…

She had seen me get stuck in that school desk chair.

She asked me what diet I’d used to lose so much weight.

I smiled in response, and said I wasn’t dieting at all.

Sarah looked even more surprised, so I briefly explained the properties and benefits of EpiCor® and butyrate.

That’s when Sarah said something I didn’t expect:

She asked me if she could try EpiCor®.

We exchanged phone numbers, and I said I could send over one of my bottles of EpiCor® to her address.

And I thought that’d be the end of that.

But then, a few weeks later, I got an excited phone call from her.

It turns out…

Sarah had Lost 10 Pounds of Stubborn Fat that She Hadn’t Been Able to Get Rid of, for Years!

Her husband had lost even more...
he had shed 16 pounds.

I was so happy for her…

But then a few days later, I started getting contacted out of the blue about EpiCor®.

Sarah had told her friends about it…

And soon after, I even had strangers asking me how they could get EpiCor® for themselves!

I gave them all the bottles I could spare and not long after, they started reporting back with results like:

“I lost 15 pounds in 1 month...”

“I have taken so many supplements over the years and they always either didn't work or really fell short.

I could not get the bloating to go down in my stomach no matter what I did; I was gaining weight and just felt terrible all the time!

After literally a couple of weeks of taking this, I could tell the difference!

This supplement literally changed my life within a month! I will definitely be buying it again and again!

Oh yeah, plus after 2 years of trying to lose the extra 20 pounds I put on, I lost 15 within the first month—and this is literally the ONLY thing I did differently!

I know a lot of reviews say that and trust me, I've fallen for all of them...this is SO DIFFERENT! ”

- Jessica C. (California)

“I’m even eating better...”

“I have now been taking the pills for about two months, and have lost about 10 lbs.

I have begun to eat much cleaner, and exercise each day—nothing too strenuous but enough to break a little sweat.

I also walk my dog daily for about 30 minutes minimum, usually more.

I am very much looking forward to future results.”

- Tara A. (Wisconsin)

“I lost 6 pounds in the first month!”

“These work! I lost 5–6 pounds the first month on them, despite being virtually immobile from a compound ankle/leg fracture.

I did not experience any jitters or other side effects.

I've struggled to lose weight in the past, but these were effective.”

- Christy B. (Missouri)

And Hearing These
Success Stories was Amazing.

But I quickly ran out of EpiCor® for myself
and I had to go back to Roy for more.

After meeting him at his office… I told Roy everything.

He was ecstatic to hear the good news and wanted to scale it out.

But that’s when he said something unexpected.

Roy asked ME to be the face of EpiCor®, and to team up with him and the company he worked at —Simple Promise™.

To share my story and show everyone how EpiCor® had worked for me.

And although I was hesitant at first…

EpiCor® had made a massive, positive impact on my life and I wanted to help others discover it too.

That’s why I’m here…

And that’s how...

EpiShield Plus

was born!

And as you might have guessed…

EpiShield Plus™ contains EpiCor®.

The powerful fiber that increases your body’s own butyrate production.

It feeds the good bacteria in your colon...

And in turn, they produce butyrate for you — which then melts away the pounds!

In addition to this…

Although the alpha-test bottles only contained EpiCor®

The team at Simple Promise™ has since developed an even BETTER formula by adding extra ingredients known to help your good bacteria flourish.

So that They Produce MORE
Short-Chain Fatty Acids for You
and You Get MORE Butyrate Too.

Meaning, faster results.

And let me tell you…

This new formula is even BETTER for weight loss!

Just Imagine, Once You have
Your Own Supply of EpiShield Plus

What’s the first thing you’d do when you get a flatter belly and those rolls of fat are gone for good?

Well, let me give you a sneak preview:

Every time you see yourself in the mirror…

It’s going to feel so good knowing that the slimmer, self-assured you is here to STAY.

And it’ll all be so EASY.

Because you won’t be starving yourself or spending hours on a treadmill.

And come summer…

You could even wear a sexy swimsuit with complete confidence!

Anyway, whatever your thing might be…

That future is yours with EpiShield Plus

  • You deserve to enjoy your life WITHOUT dieting.
  • WITHOUT having to spend hours killing yourself at the gym.
  • And you’ll never have to deal with that horrible feeling of yo-yo weight gain ever again.

Now, of course, to turn this into reality, you need to get EpiShield Plus™ first.

I’ll show you how you can do that, in a second...

I’ll also tell you why you won’t risk a penny to get your own supply.

But first…

I Have to Give You a Fair Warning.

Ever since I started sharing EpiShield Plus with everyone I knew, I’ve been receiving emails from many folks about getting multiple bottles.

They saw that the longer they took it…

The more butyrate they got which then triggered PPAR gamma to go into fat-melting mode letting them lose pound after pound like it was nothing.

That’s why they keep asking for multiple bottles.

And as a result, it’s caused an explosive demand for EpiShield Plus™!

Combine this with the fact that the high-quality ingredients inside EpiShield Plus™ come from halfway across the globe…

And with the other logistics?

It takes at least 3 months for each re-stock.

Not to mention…

With what the pandemic has done to supply chains worldwide…

The logistics team at Simple Promise™ tells me we can only get a small number of bottles every quarter.

And when explosive demand meets limited supply…

It means we’re constantly running low on stock.

And Since This Page is the ONLY
Place You can Get EpiShield Plus...

You don’t want to put off this decision,
or you could miss out completely.

But once you DO have your own supply...

You’ll notice the weight-loss effects very quickly.

Remember, studies have shown that the ingredients inside EpiShield Plus™ flat out work.

But as I’ve shown you earlier...

Most of the clinical studies on these ingredients lasted from four to eight weeks.

And that’s because it takes time for your good bacteria to feed on EpiCor® and produce the butyrate in your colon, where it can start helping you to lose weight.

So based on these clinical studies...

I’d Recommend that You Take EpiShield Plus for At Least 90 Days,
for the Best Results.

But realistically… you should take EpiShield Plus forever.

I STILL take it today, even after I no longer need to lose weight and that’s because it’s completely safe to do so.

And I DON’T want to ever risk that fat coming back again.

This ensures I always have plenty of butyrate in my body, so I can STAY slim.

And this is also why I recommend that you continue to take EpiShield Plus™ for as long as possible.

So you can keep enjoying all the benefits of a slender, attractive body.

And you won’t have to worry about your diet either!

How Does a Future
Like that Sound?

Great, I bet.

On that note, let me ask you…

What would a future like that be worth to you?

$1,000? $10,000? $50,000?

I know it’s hard to put a price tag on it.

But I did it to illustrate a point.

Being overweight affects your entire life.

  • It affects your self-esteem.
  • It also affects your health.

But with EpiShield Plus™, you don’t have to deal with any of that.

Because as long as you keep feeding your colon bacteria EpiCor®

They’ll continue to turn it into more butyrate!

And this is also why I knew how invaluable a future like this would be.

So when Simple Promise™’s financial team recommended we price EpiShield Plus™ at $249 per bottle…

Based on the many expensive ingredients that go into it… I didn’t flinch.

The Powerful Ingredients Inside EpiShield Plus are, Without a Doubt, Worth it.

I experienced their potency firsthand.

But this isn’t about profit.

It’s about changing lives.

It was my duty to pass it forward.

I knew $249 would put EpiShield Plus™ out of reach for many folks.

So I pushed back against this price.

I explained to them how this was bigger than us.

It could possibly even put an end to the scummy weight-loss industry.

So many folks could stop going on fad diets and yo-yo weight-loss programs.

And we’d be doing them a disservice by putting EpiShield Plus™ out of reach at $249 per bottle.

Luckily, they saw things my way.

That’s why today…

You’re not going to pay $249 for a bottle of EpiShield Plus™.

You won’t even pay $89.

No, You’re Going to Get Your
Own Supply for a Low Price
of $59 Per Bottle!

And we’ll cover your shipping too,
so you’ll save $12.95 on priority shipping.

Buy 6 bottle Buy 6 bottle
Buy 6 bottle Buy 6 bottle
Buy 6 bottle Buy 6 bottle

But I didn’t stop there.

Because So Many Folks
were Ordering Multiple Bottles
for Themselves...

We’ve decided to offer an even STEEPER discount
when you decide to order in bulk today.

Because getting multiple bottles tells me you’re truly serious about losing weight and KEEPING it off.

And it also shows me your commitment.

Because it means you never want to run out of EpiShield Plus™ and to help you on that front...

When you order the 3-bottle package...

You’ll get your supply of EpiShield Plus™ for $43 per bottle!

  • Plus, we’ll pay for your priority shipping too, so you’ll get an extra $12.95 in value.
  • Which means you’ll save a whopping $168 on this
    3-bottle package!

And if You’re Truly Dead-Set on
Getting the Best Results Possible?

You should choose the 6 bottles package, which brings your per-bottle price down to a low $33.

Buy 6 bottle Buy 6 bottle
Buy 6 bottle Buy 6 bottle
Buy 6 bottle Buy 6 bottle


With the 6 Bottles Package,
We’ll Also Give You Free Priority Shipping, Valued at $12.95.

Which means in total,
you’re getting $396 in value, completely FREE.

And since each bottle of EpiShield Plus™ contains a 30-day supply...

$33 per bottle boils down to $1.10 a day.

Take a moment to think of all the daily things you spend more than a dollar on that only brings a tiny fraction of the joy you’ll experience...

  • When you feel the pure bliss of having a slim body that slips perfectly into any dress or a pair of skinny jeans.

Or if you’re a guy...

  • Imagine how good it will feel once you never have to worry about a beer gut, a droopy double chin, or looking “soft and pudgy”.

Not to mention the peace of mind you’ll have, knowing your weight will NEVER give you health worries.

Wouldn’t you agree that investing a little more than a dollar a day is worth the happiness you’ll experience with all this?

I’m sure you’d agree.

That’s Why the Smart Decision
Here is to Take Advantage of the
3 or 6 Bottles Package.

And once you’ve picked
the package that’s right for you?

You’ll finally experience the joy of being the SLIM version of yourself.

You won’t be worrying about every little calorie and you don’t have to feel guilty about eating your favorite foods.

And you’ll know, it’s all thanks to the wise decision you made to try EpiShield Plus™ today.

But make sure to note...

You WON’T find EpiShield Plus™ on Amazon, at retailers or anywhere else.

We’re cutting out the middleman to keep prices as low as possible for you.

So This is the ONLY
Place You can Order it.

And remember, your $396 in savings
with the multi-bottle package is only available
while we have stock.

As soon as supply runs out…

Simple Promise™’s tech team will take down this page immediately to prevent backorders.

And as I mentioned earlier, it can take as long as 3 months to get a new batch of EpiShield Plus™…

So don’t miss out.

When you’re ready, pick the 3 or 6 bottles package now to get the best bang for your buck. (Or whichever package is right for you.)

You Should See 3 Options Below.

If you’re reading this on your phone,
you might have to scroll down a bit.

Once you’ve scrolled down, click the “Add to Cart” button on the package you want.

Buy 6 bottle Buy 6 bottle
Buy 6 bottle Buy 6 bottle
Buy 6 bottle Buy 6 bottle

Oh and I Should Mention…

No matter which package you choose, you’re covered by our 365-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Which is a 3-step promise:

  • One. You must experience rapid weight loss and gain a flatter belly.
  • Two. That weight must STAY off. So no yoyoing.
  • Three. You must start enjoying your life as the slimmer, more-confident you.

Unless EpiShield Plus Fulfills
All 3 of These Promises…

I’ll give you a FULL refund within 365 days,
no question asked.

365 Days Money Back Guarantee

At Simple Promise™, we are so sure of the effectiveness of our product that we are willing to put the entire risk on us.

Our industry best 365 Days Money Back Guarantee states that either you're 100% satisfied, or your money back.

You can place your order safely and knowing that absolutely nothing can go wrong. Give EpiShield Plus™ a try and see the difference it would bring to your life.

If at any time you are not happy with EpiShield Plus™, just send back your empty bottles and we will refund you immediately.

No questions asked.

We pride ourselves in our product and service and want you to be absolutely satisfied.

That Gives You an Entire
YEAR to Try EpiShield Plus Out.

What’s more, it doesn’t matter
if you’ve used up all the bottles.

Just email our friendly customer service team and send back whatever you’ve got left…

And we’ll refund EVERY single penny.

Even for the bottles that are used up.

That means you’re not “buying” anything today.

The only decision you’re making today is to take EpiShield Plus™ for a trial run for the next 365 days.

But I’m confident that you will see incredible results, just like the thousands of men and women who’ve tried this before.

Of course, don’t take my word for it...

Listen to What Some of Our 48,915 Success Stories Have to Say...

People like you and me who have transformed
not only their health, but their lives, with the help
of EpiShield Plus:

“I gained 15 pounds after
chemotherapy. And I couldn’t get the weight off until I tried this!”

“I've been struggling to lose weight for a year now.

Due to surgical menopause (thanks, cancer), I've had multiple issues with metabolism, regularity, bloating, etc.

I gained 15 pounds after completing chemotherapy. Six months ago, I started eating clean—whole foods, low sodium, low carb, low cholesterol, lean protein—and taking my lunch of fruit and vegetables to work every day.

Despite doing this, reducing my calories and exercising regularly, the weight would not budge.

I was so frustrated—to the point of tears. It's very discouraging when you work so hard with no results.

I felt bloated, lethargic and FAT. I tried various supplements, to no avail.

Finally, after trying this for 15 days, I'm seeing very promising results. The weight is slowly dropping and I feel less bloated.

It's almost as if a switch was turned on and the metabolism finally revved up.

My advice is to give this product time to work. It takes time. I feel like this product has immensely helped with bloating, regularity and overall well-being.

Almost as if I've done a cleanse and reset my body :). ”

- Lauren M. (Arizona)

“I feel like a younger version of myself.”

“Well, I am getting older, and as you get older, you start to think more about your health and that is precisely why I tried your product.

And so I’m really blown away.

I feel more flexible and more vibrant—like my younger self. It’s really incredible, I wish I’d tried this sooner.”

- Sarah T. (North Carolina)

“I didn’t want to be a shell of myself
as I aged…”

“I wanted to stay healthy and strong, especially as I get older and things happen.

So I started to take this to stay ahead of it, and wow. I’m shocked at how much better I feel. I can give my grandkids piggyback rides.

I’m not falling asleep in my chair after dinner.

And I didn’t get sick once this year…”

- Gary P. (Oklahoma)

“55 pounds—GONE!”

“I have been taking this for 6 months.

It’s helped tremendously! I’ve lost 55lbs using this, and regular exercise. I can also tell the difference with digestion.

I recommend it to anyone. Just got my new order today.”

- Tom T. (Florida)

Now, it’s your turn.

Once You’ve Clicked the
“Add to Cart” Button Below,
Here’s What will Happen.

You’ll see a checkout page where you can
confirm your order and fill out your details.

The secure checkout page will look like this on desktop:

And like this on mobile:

Make sure to scroll down to see the forms where you can fill out your details.

Now, you can call me old-fashioned...

But I always get a little worried about ordering things online.

That’s why Simple Promise™’s tech team assures me our checkout page uses the latest secure 256-bit encryption technology.

The same kind used by Amazon and Apple.

So you can order with peace of mind, knowing your details are safe!

And once you’ve completed your order…

You can Expect Your Package
to Arrive in 5 to 7 Business Days.

When that happens, tear open the box
and grab your bottles.

Then, I want you to start taking 2 capsules daily.

Remember, you’ve got to take them every day.

Doing this ensures your butyrate levels go up and THAT in turn flips your body’s PPAR gamma toward the fat-melting mode.

In other words…

That’s why EpiShield Plus™ is so powerful.

But as I showed you in the clinical studies...

The Biggest and BEST Results Come, the Longer You Take it.

That’s why I recommend you keep taking
EpiShield Plus daily for at least 90 days and
continue for a total of 6 months, to be safe.

And unless you LOVE how much weight you’ve lost…

Contact us within 365 days of your order to get a FULL refund.

So take your time, make sure to use up ALL the bottles.

Because you have a full 12 months to try it out.

Remember, you can use up the bottles
and still get every penny back.

So you’re not making a “buying” decision.

No, the only decision you’re making right now is whether you want to take the
3-bottle or 6-bottle package for a “test run”.

And you can try EpiShield Plus™ for a full year!

So if you’re ready, scroll down and click the “Add to Cart” button below.

Buy 6 bottle Buy 6 bottle
Buy 6 bottle Buy 6 bottle
Buy 6 bottle Buy 6 bottle

Now, This Page is About to End
and You’re at a Crossroads.

  • I’ve shown you all the science.
  • I’ve shown you why it’s so hard for you to lose weight.

Remember, you can’t “destroy” or “burn” your fat cells.

The only thing you can control is how much fat is stored inside each of them.

And getting more butyrate will result in more weight loss for you because it means your body’s PPAR gamma is flipped toward the fat-melting mode.

And you’ve seen the studies that prove that the ingredients inside EpiShield Plus™ flat out work.

Of course...

Option one:
You could choose to ignore everything
you’ve read today.

And I’d harbor no hard feelings even if you did that.

But consider this...

If you do nothing today, what will change?

  • You go back to your usual routine.
  • Maybe you’ll go on another diet.

But you know it’s only a matter of time before you hit the dreaded plateau.

And as long as your fat cells are headed for storage, your belly will continue to inflate, like a balloon…

And your clothes will feel tighter every year.

Now, it Wasn’t Your Fault You
Couldn’t Lose Weight in the Past.

You didn’t know that PPAR gamma
was setting your fat cells to “EXPAND”.

Nobody told you about that before.

But not anymore.

  • Now you KNOW what the core issue is.
  • You KNOW that you need to get more butyrate.

And you KNOW that the quickest and easiest way is to feed your colon bacteria EpiCor®.

And With this Knowledge, it’s Now YOUR Responsibility to Act.

If you don’t act today, the next time you step on those scales, you’ll get that sinking feeling as you realize your weight isn’t budging.

Maybe it’s even gone up and you’ll think back to the opportunity you missed today.

And even if you decide to come back to this page to order EpiShield Plus™...

We might have run out of stock by then.

Because others have already taken the leap and ordered their supply.

That means you’ll be waiting another 3 months at least.

Maybe longer, if the pandemic supply chain situation worsens.

That’s more than 90 days of waiting...

Instead of experiencing the joy of having a flat belly, and being a slimmer you.

At that point, wouldn’t you think back to this moment and regret not taking action?

If the Answer is Even a “Maybe…”

You’d be wise to take the smarter, second path.

Option two:
And say YES right now.

You’ll get your own supply of
EpiShield Plus™ today with our 365-day money-back guarantee.

Which means you truly have NOTHING to lose but EVERYTHING to gain.

I’ve shown you exactly how I personally took that first step and now I want to show you the way.

And I’ve done everything I can to make the first step easy for you.

But I can’t take it for you.

So now’s YOUR turn to start losing weight.

  • You don’t need to diet or exercise.
  • You JUST need to feed your good gut bacteria more EpiCor®.

Then the butyrate will do the rest for you.

Take the First Step:

Hover your mouse over the “Add to Cart” button.

Click it and fill in the information requested on the next page.

And after you’ve ordered, you won’t be alone.

Because I’ll stay in touch with you every single day via email.

I’ll be making sure you get all the information, motivation and support you need to succeed.

But that can only happen after you take the first step.

Move your mouse or scroll down with your phone and click the “Add to Cart” button.

Now’s your final chance to take EpiShield Plus™ for a 365-day trial run.

And you’re doing it for as low as $1.10 a day.

That’s Roughly a Dollar a Day.

And when you order the 3 or 6 bottles package, we’ll cover your shipping costs AND you’ll get up to $348.95 in value. Completely FREE.

Buy 6 bottle Buy 6 bottle
Buy 6 bottle Buy 6 bottle
Buy 6 bottle Buy 6 bottle

If you’re on mobile, you might need to scroll down to see the “Add to Cart” button.

When you see that button, click it.

Then fill out your details on the next page.

I can’t wait to hear your success story with EpiShield Plus™!

I’ll see you on the other side.

I’m Cindy Foster, and thanks for reading.

God bless.

Buy 6 bottle Buy 6 bottle
Buy 6 bottle Buy 6 bottle
Buy 6 bottle Buy 6 bottle

Ah, I see you’re still here.

That means you’ve got questions.

Let’s go through them now.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this is a one-time purchase.

We won’t bill you again.

So order with peace of mind!

Scientists consider PPAR gamma the master regulator of our fat cells.

Even though it’s a protein, it actually lives inside your fat cells. 36

It literally controls whether we get fat or skinny.

Case in point:

When medical researchers genetically DELETED the PPAR gamma protein in some mice...

These mice biologically could NOT gain weight even on a high-fat, high-calorie diet!37

And here’s the thing…

Scientists have discovered that obese adults clearly had higher levels of PPAR gamma.38

And if you’re obese…

  • You not only gain weight more easily39
  • It also makes you hungry all the time.
  • You see, it can also send hunger signals to your brain.

Because remember, when PPAR gamma is switched to fat-storage mode...

It WANTS you to eat more since that will give it the calories it can use to store fat.

Which is REALLY bad for us.40

Butyrate is a short-chain fatty acid and it’s been shown to significantly affect weight loss in a positive way.

In one study, a mix of butyrate and other short-chain fatty acids switched PPAR gamma activity from storing fat to MELTING it away!41 42

Another study showed that butyrate helped obese mice lose 10% of their body weight and fat in just 5 weeks.43

So butyrate is good for weight loss.

But what does this have to do with butter?

Well, butter happens to be the most common source of butyrate!44

But don’t go slathering butter on your toast… Because that won’t work.

Dr. Russell Jaffe* * *, widely recognized as one of the top physicians in America, explains it best45:

“You see, when you EAT butyrate, it gets
“destroyed” during digestion.

Which means, we need to bypass digestion completely. This is where EpiCor comes in!”

“EpiCor has been shown to significantly increase butyrate production.46

And EpiCor does that because it is a fiber that can survive digestion, and ultimately get to your colon and THAT’S where it produces more butyrate!

Remember, more butyrate means more weight loss.

What’s more...

EpiCor has also been shown to:

  • Support your gut health, so there’s less bloating and indigestion
  • It improves your body’s overall metabolism too which is great in just about any situation.
  • Last but not least, scientists have found it also improves your immune system health.

Which we know is more important than ever today.47 48

Even though the ingredients inside EpiShield Plus™ start working very quickly...

Clinical studies show that the longer you use EpiShield Plus™, the better it works.

Most of the clinical studies on EpiCor® go from four to eight weeks.

And that’s because it takes time for your colon bacteria to start using EpiCor, and turn it into butyrate.

That’s why I’d recommend you take EpiShield Plus™ for at least 90 days, for the best results.

Generally speaking, its ingredients have been proven safe.49

But if you have health conditions, always consult your doctor before starting on EpiShield Plus™!

No, you can only get EpiShield Plus™ on this page.

You won’t find it in retail stores or on Amazon.

We’ve cut out the middleman to keep prices low for you!

Unless you’re 100% satisfied, you’ll get EVERY penny back.

That means, no matter which package you choose, you’re covered by our 365-day satisfaction guarantee.

Which is a 3-step promise:

  • One. You must experience rapid weight loss and gain a flatter belly.
  • Two. That weight must STAY off. So no yoyoing.
  • Three. You must start enjoying your life as the slimmer, more-confident you.

Unless EpiShield Plus™ fulfills all 3 of these promises… I’ll give you a FULL refund within 365 days.


You’re about to take the most important step toward a slender,
more-confident you!

But we’re at the end of this page.

So now’s your last chance to take EpiShield Plus™ for a “trial run” for the next 365 days.

Remember, you’re always covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

And when you choose the 3 or 6 bottles package today…

That brings the per-bottle price to as low as $33!

Which is $1.10 a day.

LESS than what you’d spend on a gallon of gas.

So if you agree that investing a little more than a dollar a day is worth your happiness and a slimmer, sexier you...

Then scroll down now and pick the 3 or 6 bottles package (or whichever one is right for you)!

I’ve done everything I can to make this decision as EASY as possible for you.

But you’ve got to take the first step.

And even after you order, you won’t be alone.

I’ll stay in touch with you every single day via email.

And you’ll get the motivation, support and encouragement you need to keep going.

I truly want to see your amazing weight-loss transformation.

But I can’t take the first step for you!

So scroll down right now.

Click the button on the package you want and fill out your details on the following page.

This is important!

Until you fill out your full details on the checkout page, we can’t ship your supply of EpiShield Plus™ to you!

So take action now. It’s your last chance to do it.

Buy 6 bottle Buy 6 bottle
Buy 6 bottle Buy 6 bottle
Buy 6 bottle Buy 6 bottle

Those are the Most Common Questions I Get About EpiShield Plus

Hopefully, your question was answered there.

But if you’re still wondering if it’s right for you…

The only way to find out now is to claim your desired package by clicking on one of the three buttons and completing your secure order.

Try it out.

Isn’t it better to find out now, rather than wonder "what if?" for the rest of your life?

Your body and your health are all you really have and your enjoyment of life and the world around you is based on how you feel.

How you feel is based on how your body is functioning.

If you are bloated, tired and overweight, you aren’t going to feel great.

And let’s be honest...

Life is short.

How many great healthy years do you really have left?

I can’t promise this will put years on your life.

No one can.

But it WILL Put Life into Your Years.

There aren’t many things you can buy for such a low price that will do so much for you.

You can eat a meal at your favorite restaurant or fill up your gas tank one time…

But how many things can actually change your life and the quality of your everyday experiences, for that price?

I can’t think of many.

You either continue to miss out on having the great life experiences we’re all entitled to…

Or You Take the Better Option.

The only option that really makes sense which is to simply try EpiShield Plus, and help your immune system do what it’s meant to do.

You don’t know what it’s like trying something that works the way it’s supposed to.

Imagine waking up in the morning feeling healthy, fully-rested and ready to take on the world…

And all the opportunities life has to offer.

Go ahead and click the button below, and pick from three money-saving options.

Buy 6 bottle Buy 6 bottle
Buy 6 bottle Buy 6 bottle
Buy 6 bottle Buy 6 bottle

Remember, You’re Fully Protected By Our 365-Day Guarantee, and You’ll Love How it Makes You Feel.

If you don’t notice a transformation in your body,
give us a call or send us an email and we’ll refund your purchase in full.

Just send the bottles back, even if they’re empty.

You really have nothing to lose and a healthy, vibrant and lively body to gain.

I wish you all the best, and I can’t wait to hear about your experience.

Still have more questions about EpiShield Plus™?

Don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team.

The toll-free number is 1-800-259-9522, and we’re available 24/7.


And don’t worry.

You won’t have to talk to a robot or any automated machine…

We have real, live humans answering phones to help you.

So if you’re ready to start taking control of your health…

Just take the leap, click the button below, and take action right now.


We Have a Very
Limited Supply of this Formula.

When it’s gone, it’s hard to tell when we will have more.

So, take advantage of this massive up-to-67% discount available only on THIS page.

Select the number of bottles you’d like…

  • Whether it’s the 6-bottle option…
  • The 3-bottle option...
  • Or whichever option works best for you…

And click the “Add to Cart” button below to get started.

I’d like to thank you again for your time.

Buy 6 bottle Buy 6 bottle
Buy 6 bottle Buy 6 bottle
Buy 6 bottle Buy 6 bottle